Your Farm May Be The Farm of the Future

Be the Farm of the Future

Your farm could be a farm of the future. What if your cows could produce enough energy to heat the air and water for a 10, 20, 30 or even a 50 thousand square foot greenhouse enabling you to produce food year round while lowering carbon emissions? Or maybe you have some other operations that could benefit from the use of bio fuel? You can leverage the time, money, research and implementation skills we have into information and services that can help you make money with methane related farming practices and lower your carbon footprint.

Locally Grown Year Round

We can teach you how to grow fresh lettuce and herbs in many variety’s year round.

Supply Your Local Restaurants

Restaurants nationwide are on the lookout for locally grown fresh organic vegetables.


We have the experience to teach you how to turn your farm into A Future Farm. Starting in 2007 we have uncovered the pitfalls that you may encounter in providing fresh sustainable foods in Northern climates. Learn from our experience and contact us today.


We learned our trade by applying knowledge and trusting our skill and hard work would pay off. If you have a farm in northern climes it may pay to ask us about turning your farm into A Farm of the Future.

Trials and Successes

Over the years we have tried and tried and made many successes. Ask us about our micro-greens story.


We’d love to answer your questions! Please take a moment to contact us…you’l be glad you did!

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